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Air China
Air China

Air Travel

Traveling by air is perhaps the most convenient and the fastest way to travel around China. Nowadays, most major cities in China
feature large, state of the airports that provide travelers with modern facilities and world-class aircrafts. The four largest Chinese airlines
are Air China, China Southern Airline, China Eastern Airlines, and Hainan Airlines.

International departure requires check in at least 2 hours prior to departure.

Airport tax for domestic flights is 50 Yuan, for international flights is 90 Yuan.

Shuttles conveniently provide transportation from airports to accessible city locations. If you are willing to pay a little more, taxis are
widely available throughout China.

Luggage for passengers on domestic Chinese flight:

Carry-on luggage:
Passengers traveling first class who hold adult or child tickets are permitted to carry on two pieces of hand baggage. For business or
economy class passengers, only one piece of carry on baggage is allowed. Your hand baggage should be less than five kilograms
(about 11 pounds) in total and any piece must have dimensions no larger than 20×40×55 centimeters (8×16×22 inches). Any items
that exceed these criteria are treated as checked luggage.

Overweight luggage:
If your luggages are overweight, the excess amount will incur an additional charge reckoned by distance and weight: Generally, 1
kilogram (2.2 pounds) costs 1.5% of a full economy-class airfare (one way, adult ticket).


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