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Mountain Ranges in China

Mountain Ranges

China is world-known for its abundance of mountains. Its mountain ranges can be divided into five basic categories according to the
directions in which they run:

1) West-to-east mountain ranges, including the Tianshan-Yinshan-Yanshan mountain system, the Kunlun-Qinling-Dabie mountain
system, and the Nanling mountain systems;
Tian Shan Mt.





2) North-to-south mountain ranges, including the Helan, Liupan, and Hengduan mountain ranges;

Hua Shan




3) Northeast-to-southwest mountain ranges, including the Changbai, Greater Hinggan, Taihang, and Wushan ranges;

Taishan in Taian




4) Northwest-to –southeast mountain ranges, including the Altay, Qilian and Gangdise ranges;

5) Arc-shaped mountain ranges, including the Himalayas and Taiwan Mountains


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