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Qinghai-Tibet Railway
Tibet Railway Bridge


Chinese railway services boast domestic and international operations.

With Beijing as its hub, the railway links all the provincial capitals providing a network that serves all parts of China. There are sixteen
trunk lines crisscrossing the country.

The Trans-Siberian Railway connects China to Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Other international train services include Beijing to
Pyongyang, Beijing to Hanoi, and Urumqi to Alma Ata.

Almost all the Chinese cities have their own railway stations, some have more than one, like Beijing, where there are five train stations,
these stations provide passenger related facilities and services such as a dining hall, coffee house, shops, phone booths and

Passenger trains are numbered by numerals with the capital Chinese phonetic letters in front. Different letters imply different trains:

Z - Through Train
T - High-speed Train
K - Express Train
N - Fast Train
L - Passenger Extra (Temporary Train)
Y - Tourist Train
D - CRH (China RailwayHigh-speed )

Train in ChinaCRH: China Railway High-speed
CRH(China Railway High-speed) trains, the newest member of China Railway family, was
put into service to meet the 6th “Nationwide Railway Speed-up” in April.

With a maximum speed of 250 km per hour, the modern design of the CRH train gives it
an imposing appearance. The trains were more comfortable than traditional trains, with
wider aisles and more spacious and handicapped-accessible bathrooms. And with the
vehicle's body mainly in white, the CRH still looks slimmer than traditional trains.

CRH (China Railway High-speed) trains is travel at a record high speed of over 200
kilometers per hour, bringing travel times betweenCRH(China Railway High-speed) trains Beijing and other major cities of
Shanghai, Wuhan, Shenyang, Changchun, Harbin and Qingdao shortened by at least two
to several hours. However, CRH will operate only on short and medium-distance lines,
and the ticket prices for such CRH trains are twice as much as that of normal trains. 

In China, the accommodations on the train are divided into four categories: soft-sleeper,
hard-sleeper, soft-seat and hard-seat.

Soft-sleeper – private compartments in the soft sleeper carriages which are fitted out to a
higher standard. Each compartment has four bunks, two upper and two lower.

Hard-sleeper – less comfortable than the soft-sleeper. The open compartment comprise six bunks, fixed as an upper, middle and lower
on either side.

Soft-seat – a nice, comfortable cushioned seat, but not all trains have the soft-seat carriages.

Hard-seat – the seating is not upholstered and the carriage tend to be not very clean. It is always noisy and crowded with people
especially during peak times or the high travel season on the most popular railway routes.

The China Ministry of Railways stipulates that the weight of hand luggage you carry onto the train is limited to a maximum of 20
kilograms (44 pounds); other baggage can be checked onto the train and the related formalities should be transacted at the railway
station before your departure.

Please be aware that each carriage has only two washrooms, one at one end of the carriage, but without shower or tub; meals and
drinks can be purchased in the dining car.

Actually, train tickets are difficult to buy in China, especially during the high travel season or at the start and finish of national holidays. It
is often more convenient to obtain your tickets through a travel agent.

Tibet Railway Data Base

Tibet RailwayQinghai-Tibet Railway is the world's highest railway. Part of its tracks is located 4,000 meters
above sea level and the highest point is 5,072 meters.

The railway is the world's longest plateau railroad, extending 1,956 kilometers from Qinghai's
provincial capital Xining to Lhasa in Tibet.  

About 550 kilometers of the tracks run on frozen earth, the longest in any of the world's plateau

Altogether there are 45 stations along the rail line. Tanggula Railway Station, 5,068 meters
above sea level, is the highest railway station in the world.

Fenghuoshan Tunnel, 4,905 meters above sea level, is the world's most elevated tunnel on frozen earth.

Kunlun Mountain Tunnel, running 1,686 meters, is the world's longest plateau tunnel built on frozen earth.

Upon its completion, the maximum train speed is designed to reach 100 km per hour in the frozen earth areas and 120 km per hour on
non-frozen earth.

There are abundant tourism resources along the route, including Qinghai Lake, Potala Palace, as well as habitats for many special wild

Qinghai-Tibet Railway is the first eco-railway in China. The Tibet Plateau environment is so fragile that the Qinghai-Tibet Railway is
taking on volunteers to educate passengers and staff about maintaining the pristine environment and not tossing out their rubbish. And
there are constructing 33 special passageways to allow wild animals to cross the railway.


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