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Garden Architecture

There are many classifications according to different criteria. Herein garden architecture falls into four categories.

Imperial gardens: These gardens, usually spacious, exquisite and grandiose, were built for royal families by thousands people. Images of these
gardens will linger in one's mind forever. Now most former imperial gardens are in Beijing. Such as Summer Palace, Chengde Summer Resort,
Beijing Beihai Park.

Private gardens: These gardens are usually built in urban areas, neighbored with residences. Since land is expensive in cities private gardens
are generally small and simple but delicate and look tasteful and play multiple functions. Most famous private gardens are situated in Suzhou,
Jiangsu. Such as Humble Administrator's Garden, Canglang Pavilion, Lingering Garden in Suzhou.

Monastic gardens: These gardens are commonly found in monasteries against quite and verdant mountains. With natural beauty, these gardens
are solemn within the sacred atmosphere.

Garden architecture in scenic resorts: These gardens usually occupy large public areas since they are based on the combination of natural
scenes and man-made landscape and structures in suburb area or mountains.


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