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Chinese Porcelain
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Chinese Porcelain

Chinese Porcelain

The Chinese porcelain is developed on the basis of earthenware. The proto-porcelains were manufactured 3,000 year ago. The Song Dynasty
(960-1279) witnessed the heydays of the porcelain industry, when famous kilns putting out quality products were scattered over the greater part of
China. Jingdezhen, now referred to as a leading porcelain production center in the country, already began to make qinghua (the blue-and-white), a
kind of porcelain representing the best during the Yuan and Ming dynasties (1206-1644). The product features a coat of glaze as transparent as
water and a pure-white light body embellished with blue patterns. It is simple yet elegant, pure and clean, and full of vigor. As soon as the blue-
and-white porcelain appeared, it became all the rage at the time and topped the list of traditional quality porcelain products. There are four famous
porcelains in China. In addition to the blue-and-white, there are qinghua linglong (the transparent blue-and-white), fencai (the famille-rose), and
yanseyou (the colored, glazed). The colorful porcelain products are a great invention from ancient China.



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