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Chinese Folk Custom Culture
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Chinese Folk Custom Culture and Art
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Chinese Folk Custom Culture
-------Harmony Between Nature and Humanities

For thousands of years, the people of various ethnic groups of the Chinese nation, industrious and intelligent, have lived and reproduced in an
endless succession in China, a time-honored piece of land. They created rich, varied material and non-material cultures with a profound
sedimentary accretion, which have been handed down from generation to generation. With a long history, Chinese fold customs form an
indispensable part of mankind’s cultural heritages.
In the long process of history, the customs and habits formed by the various ethnic groups in various parts of China differ in thousands of ways.
The customs and habits with a rich connotation are embodied in every aspect of the daily life of the ordinary people-clothing, food, housing, and
transportation; etiquette and morality; architectural decorations; wedding and funerals; festival celebrations; beliefs and taboos. A saying goes like
this: “The custom varies even within 10 miles.” The saying is a vivid summarization of the varied, splendid Chinese folk customs.
The Chinese folk custom culture is shown in various ways. The Chinese people are good at processing ordinary materials into articles with an
uncommon anima. A sheet of paper, a piece of abandoned wood, a common lump of clay, a piece of cold stone, a sheet of leather, or a scrape of
cloth can be made into a graceful kite, a lovely opera facial makeup, a novel papercut, a mysterious shadow puppet, or a solemn seal. The people
who made these things are not artists but they could make their creations vivid and marvelous. They are not thinkers but they their creations show
a philosophical idea and an aestheticand taste unique to the Chinese people. The are not historians but they tried what they could to show in their
creations the history of China. From the paintings unearthed at the ruins of the Yangshao Culture in Banpo Village to the porcelain words of the
Ming and Qing dynasties, from the residential houses of Huizhou to the cave dwellings in Yan’an, from the Deeds of King Gesar (a folk epic of the
Tibetan ethnic group) to Kunqu opera, and from the lanterns popular among the people to the embroideries by young women, people may get
some idea of the simple, natural beauty of the Chinese folk customs and the wisdom of the Cinese people.
The folk customs of China show a harmony between men and nature and a tender human care, a result of the civilized, moderate Chinese culture
and the clan feature, of which a whole clan live together. The basis of mankind’s co-existence is to show respect to and preserve the cultures of
different ethnic groups and different regions. The outstanding Chinese folk customs belong to China and the entire human kind as well.


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