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Minority in Yunnan
Minority (yunnan)
China Information - China Minority

Minority Nationality

China is a unified and multi-ethic country which came into being as a collective creation of all the Chinese. In the long course of historical
development, all the nationalities have joined in the effort to create the great heritage for their motherland. Officially, China has fifty-six
"nationality" groups, including the Han. Approximately 93 percent of China's population is considered Han.
The Chinese define a nationality as a group of people of common origin living in a common area, using a common language, and having a
sense of group identity in economic and social organization and behavior. Altogether, China has fifteen major linguistic regions generally
coinciding with the geographic distribution of the major minority nationalities. Members of non-Han groups, referred to as the "minority
nationalities," constitute only about 7 percent of the total population but number more than 70 million people and are distributed over 60 percent
of the land.

Some minority nationalities can be found only in a single region; others may have settlements in two or more. In general, however, the minorities
are concentrated in the provinces and autonomous regions of the northwest and the southwest. In Tibet, Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia
autonomous regions, minorities occupy large frontier areas; many are traditionally nomadic and engage primarily in agriculture or pastoral
pursuits. Minority groups in Yunnan and Guizhou provinces and in the Guangxi-Zhuang Autonomous Region are more fragmented and inhabit
smaller areas.

Following the founding of New China, the government, in accordance with a cautions policy of making steady progress while taking into account
the specific characteristics of the various minority nationalities, took steps to eliminate the de facto inequality between the various nationalities by
helping them develop their own economy and culture.
Different nationality has its owned features, which considerately abundances China tourism resources and increase her charm. Such as the
Mosuo nationality people around Lugu Lake retain the vestiges of matriarchal society up to now, Tibetan Nationality has its owned Tibetan
Buddhist belief and rite and etc. Not mentioned colourful ethical singing and dancing.


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