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Beihai is located on the Beibu Gulf in the southern part of Guangxi province, on the southwestern coast
of China. It faces Southeast Asia across the sea, with southwest China immediately behind. It borders
Guangdong, Hainan, Hong Kong, Macao and Vietnam by land and sea.

The city covers 3,337 square kilometers, and its population totals 1.35 million, including 480,000 in
surrounding urban areas. Beihai and surrounding areas are home to high-quality and attractive
buildings and infrastructure representative of any modern city plan.

Look around the city proper, and you will find that the road is broad and straight, the roadside trees
flourishing, always smelling sweet. What a pleasant gift from the nature! The sea is
deep blue, sunshine bright, sea beach with fine sand and clear water, harmonious mixture of buildings with western and Chinese style, residential
zones with fine surroundings, green plazas with distinctive features, all contrasting finely with each other, leaving you so many beautiful things that
you simply can not take them all in. There is a distinctive combination of local cultures like the Pearl Home culture, the Hakka's culture, and the
Danjia culture, with the local residents being kind, honest and unsophisticated.

With good natural beaches along the coast and islands, Beihai is an estuary in the southwestern part of china as well as a coastal city with rich
tourism resources well developed. A perfect marine tourism system has come into being, which includes the sea, beach, islands, seafood,
marine treasures, marine forest, coral, marine culture, marine sports and marine navigation lines.

Views in the city itself include the Dongpo Pavilion and the Wenchang Pagoda . You might want to venture out to the western suburbs to visit the
Lian Yang cave with its colorful stalagtites and stalagmites. Many national tourist resort regions can be found in Beihai.

The Beihai Tourism Festival is like a hilarious feast attracting a never-ending stream of tourists.
Photographers record smiling faces with their cameras. There are various activities held here. The
wonderful gala performances turn Beihai into a sea of joy and laughter. It’s really a very special
experience to watch performances at the seaside at night.


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