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Beijing tourist attractions
The Beihai Park located in
the center of Beijing, it has
an area of more than 70
hectares with a water
surface of 39 hectares...

The Beijing roast duck is a
dish well-known among
gastronomes the world over.
China is one of the first
countries to domesticate
ducks for the table
... .
Qianmen street, one of the
Beijing’s most famous
commercial corridors, have
restored its streetscape to
that of the early twentieth
century, through use of
historical photos, ...
Located in the Olympic
Green, the National
is the world's
largest steel structure. It is
the main stadium of the
29th Olympiad in 2008...
The National Aquatics Centre,
also known as 'The Water
', is one of the most
dramatic and exciting venues
to host sporting events for the
Beijing Olympics in 2008...
CCTV New Headquarters
CCTV New Headquarters to
be completed for the Beijing
Olympics in 2008, will be
among the first of 300
towers to be constructed in
China Century Monument
Situated between the
China People's
Revolution Military
Museum and old CCTV
Confucius Temple
Located on Guozijian Street
inside Anding Gate, the
Temple of Confucius
in Beijing
is the place where people paid
homage toConfucius during
the Yuan Dynast...
Drum Tower
Lying to the north of Beijing
-south axis line in
Dongcheng District, the bell
and drum towers
are visibly
prominent constructions
and represent the symbol
of this old city...
Forbidden City
The Forbidden City, also
known as the Imperial
Palace and the Palace
Museum, is the best
preserved imperial palace
in China...
Fragrant Hill Park
The Fragrant Hills Park
(Xiangshan) is located 20
kilometers northwest of
Beijing and not far from the
Summer Palace...
Grand View Garden
The Grand View Garden is
located in the southwest
corner of Beijing, on Nan
Cai Yuan Street to the
southwest of Tian'anmen
Great Wall
The Great Wall, more
than 6,300 kilometers, is
a symbol of Chinese
civilization, is one of the
mot famous and splendid
ancient construction
wonders in the world...
Gui Jie Beijing
Gui Jie, a street providing
special catering service is
located on the Dong Zhi Men
Nei Street, starting from the
west of Dong Zhi Men Qiao on
the second ring road to the
east and ending the crossing
of Bei Xin Qiao to the west...

Si he yuan
For those who want to
experience the local
customs as well as the
history and culture of
Beijing, the Hutong and
are indispensable
parts of a visit as unique
Beijing architectural
Jingshan Park
Jingshan Park, with a
history of over 800 years,
was first built in the Jin
Dynasty (1179 A.D). This
Park is located directly to
the north of the Forbidden
Located southwest of
Qianmen , the street which is
only 750 meters long, within
walking distance of the
Hepingmen Quanjude Peking
Duck Restaurant...
ming tombs
Located at the foot of
Tianshou Mountain in
Changping District, about
50 kilometers northwest of
the city area of Beijing Ming
The National Center for the Performing Arts
National Center for the
Performing Arts
on the
National Grand Theater
began in December 2001
and was completed in late
September 2008...
Niujie (Ox Street) Mosque,
located in Xuanwu District, is
the biggest and oldest
mosque in Beijing. It was built
in 996 AD during the Liao
Dynasty (916-1125)...
Peking Man site at Zhoukoudian
Peking Man site at
is 48
kilometers southwest of
downtown Beijing near
Longgushan (dragon bone
Prince Gong's Mansion
Prince Gong's Mansion is
located at Qianhai Xijie to
the north of Shichahai, to
the northwest of the
Forbidden City in Beijing...
Yuanmingyuan (Garden of
Perfect Brightness) is located
in Haidian District, twenty
kilometers from the northwest
suburbs of Beijing...
Sanlitun Street
Sanlitun is one of the most
popular bar streets in
Beijing, a tree-lined
neighborhood of foreign
diplomatic compounds
located the Chaoyang
District ...
Summer Palace
Located in the
northwestern suburb of
the city,
Summer Palace
is reputed to be the best
preserved Museum of
Imperial Garden
Architecture in China...
Temple of Azure Clouds
Temple of Azure Clouds is
situated in the eastern part of
the Western Hills, just outside
the north gate of Xiangshan
Park (Fragrant Hill Park)which
is 20 kilometers from Beijing
Temple of Heaven
Located in the
southwestern part of
Chongwen District in the city
Temple of Heaven
was first built in 1420, in the
Ming Dynasty...
Wofo si
The Temple of
Recumbent Buddha
located about 20
kilometers from Beijing
and near the Temple of
Azure Clouds at the north
foot of Western Hill...
Tian'anmen Square
Located at the center of Beijing
City, Tian’anmen Square is the
largest urban square in the
world. The sheer wealth of
historical sites...
Wangfujing Street
Wang Fu Jing Street, which
lies to the south to Beijing
East Chang’an Street and
the east to Tian’anmen
Xiu Shui Street
Xiu Shui Street It is
several hundred meters
long and mainly deals in
silks and satins, clothing,
footwear, headgear, etc...
Yong He Lama Temple
Yonghe Lama Temple, which
is the largest and most
perfectly preserved Lama
temple in Han China...
Zhongshan Park

Zhongshan Park is located
to the west of Tian’anmen
Rostrum in the heart of the
Inner City...
Located on Sanlitun Lu,
Chaoyang District, near
the northeast embassy
area, is similar to the Silk
Market, It's an indoor 4-
floor store, Beijing's
clothing Bazaar....
Beijing Zoo, situated to the
west of Beijing Exhibition
Center, was known for a short
time after the founding of the
People's Republic as the
Western Suburbs Park. ...
Located at the foot of
Tianshou Mountain in
Changping District, about
50 kilometers northwest
of the city area of Beijing...
In Beijing, Wudaoying
is a street that has
quietly entered the
tourism scene, and is
beginning to emerge as a
player in the market. .....
798 stands for much more
than a three digit number: in
Beijing these numbers
symbolize the country's cutting
edge art movement led by the
Chinese vanguard....

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