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Chengde tourist attractions
Outside the surrounding
wall of the Summer
Resort of Chengde in
Hebei Province, lies an
orderly array of eight
brilliant and golden

Lies on the hillside, two
kilometers to the east of the
Wulie River in Chengde City.
To the east of the Summer
Villa, and south of the Temple
for Distant Security.... .
The Puning Temple, or
Temple of Universal Peace
of Chengde, Hebei province
is a Qing Dynasty era
Buddhist temple complex
built in 1755...
Putuozongcheng Temple
has been chosen by many
travelers as the alternate
of the Polata Palace in
Tibet owing to the exact
resemblance between the
The Summer Resort is
situated in the north part of the
city center of Chengde, Hebei.
It is here that the emperor of
Qing dynasty to spend
summer holidays and handle
governmental affairs....

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