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Chengdu tourist attractions
Bi Feng Xia (Bi Feng
is a large
ecological park in the
mountains about a two
and a half hour drive from
Chengdu Panda Breeding
Research Base
is situated in
the Futou Mountain, 10km
north of Chengdu downtown,
which is the first class Giant
Panda research center....
The Dufu Thatched Cottage
is located at the side of the
Flower Washing Brook in
the western suburbs of
The Dujiangyan Irrigation
is a pearl in the
water works construction
of ancient China. Built
over 2,200 years ago, it
still provides benefits for
the people..
Huanglong is well known as
“Bath of Fairy Mother
Goddess” in China, which
indicates that it is the place
where the Fairy Mother
Goddess used to take her
Jiuzhaigou, lied on the edge
of the diverging belt
between the Qinghai-Tibet
Plate and the Yangtze Plate
and Situated in the depths
of the mountains in the
border area of Nanping...
The Leshan Giant Buddha
was built during the Tang
Dynasty (618-907). It is
carved out of a cliff face
that lies at the confluence
of the Minjiang..
Mount Emei rises 3,099
meters above sea level in
Emei County, 160 kilometers
southwest of Chengdu. Its
charming scenery has won it
the name of "Emei, the
Greatest Beauty under
Sanxingdui, located in the
city of Guanghan, 40 km
from Chengdu, Sichuan
Province, is recognized as
one of the most important
ancient remains in the
world for its vast size...

Wolong Giant Panda
Reserve Center
is a
protected area located in
Wenchuan County,
Sichuan Province. Wolong
is the ideal survival and
breeding place for the
"living fossil" giant
Near Chengdu Old South
Gate, beside Wuhou Avenue,
there is a complex of ancient
buildings surrounded by red
walls. Wuhou might be
translated as "minister or war"
The word "Boaguang"
means Divine Light and the
temple acquired the said
name when the Emperor
Xizong of Tang Dynasty saw
the divine light coming form
the bottom part of the
temple one night...

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