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Chongqing People’s Hall


Chongqing People’s Hall

Chongqing People’s HallChongqing People's Hall was built in June 1951. It was completed in April 1954. It's a building that models
ancient buildings and it's also the representative building with special characteristics in Chongqing.

The Chongqing People's Hall is an architectural symbol of Chongqing. It was designed in the traditional
symmetrical and beautifully proportioned style of Ming and Qing dynasties' palaces. For sightseeing both at
night and during the day, the first place to see is the Chongqing People’s Hall and People’s Square in front
of the hall.

The whole building is composed of an auditorium and three accompanying storied buildings-east building,
south building, and north building. It covers a total area of 66,000 square meters, with the auditorium covering
18,500 square meters. Chongqing People's Hall is 65 meters high. The auditorium is 55 meters high. The
internal diameter of the auditorium is 46.33 meters. The circle auditorium is surrounded by five-storeyed
stand which are protruded out. It has a seating capacity of 4200.

Chongqing People's Hall is a traditional symmetric building, matching with colonnades and double wings, and the Pailou Archway by the street.
The whole building is completed in the form of temple, just looks like an enlarged Temple of Heaven in Beijing, with big green glazed roof tiles,
red colonnades, white balustrades. It is painted with all kinds of pictures. It's glorious and majestic. Building this hall is to pray that the country
flourishes and people live in peace forever.

Chongqing People’s HallIn May 1997, People's Square was completed in front of the Auditorium covering an area of 25,000
square meters, of which 15,000 square meters is planted with trees and flowers. The ground of the
square is paved with smooth and shining marble tiles; there is magic music fountain; at the southern
end of the square stands a stage for performances in the open air. In the numerous beautiful lights in
the evening, you may see thousands of people dancing on the square.




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