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Chongqing tourist attractions
"Baidi City" or "White
Emperor City" is not a real
city, but a mini peninsular
town with some temples
and gates on top of Baidi
Hill in Fengjie County...

Chongqing People's Hall was
built in June 1951. It was
completed in April 1954. It's a
building that models ancient
buildings and it's also the
representative building with
special characteristics in
Chongqing... .
Located in Dazu County, is
271 kilometers away from
Chengdu and 163
kilometers away from
Chongqing. the stone
carvings of Dazu
, chiefly
consisting of Buddhists
Eling Park is located at
Changjiang Road,
Yuzhong District. The park
offers a grand view of the
Yangtze River to its south,
the Jialing River to its
When traveling the Three
Gorges of Yangtze River, if you
start from Chongqing, then the
first scenic spot you encounter
is Fengdu - a ghost town
between county of Zhong and
The Lesser Three Gorges
is one of the exciting and
famous stops in the
Yangtze Three Gorges. It
always refers to the three
separate valleys of the
Daning River...
The Pipa Shan Park
(Loquat Hill) is located in
City of Chongqing. It was
once a private garden
owned by Wang Lingji, the
chairman of the Sichuan
government from 1911 to
1949. But it was
confiscated and extended
into a park after 1949..

The Qutang Gorge is the
shortest and most spectacular
of Yangtze Three
downstream of the ancient
village Baidicheng the Yangtze
River passes between the
Chijia Mountain on the north
and the Baiyan Mountain on
the south...

Shibao Zhai is located in
Yuyin Mountain of the
northern side of Yangtze
River, was built at the reign
of Emperor Kangxi of Qing
Dynasty (1644 ~ 1911A.D.),
it is 278 kilometers apart
from Chongqing city...

As the Three Gorges
Project approaches its
completion, China Three
Gorges Museum
Chongqing was opened
to the public in June 2005
. ..
As the halfway city between
Yichang and Chongqing,
Wanxian was a main port for
East Sichuan merchandise...

Wu Gorge is the most
beautiful section of the
Yangtze River, flanked by
high peaks that are often
capped by fog or clouds. It
is 45 kilometers (28 miles)

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