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Lesser Three Gorges

Lesser Three Gorges

Lesser Three GorgesThe Lesser Three Gorges is one of the exciting and famous stops in the Yangtze Three Gorges. It always
refers to the three separate valleys of the Daning River, namely "Dragon-Gate Gorge", "Misty Gorge" and
"Dicui (Emerald) Gorge".

Dragon-Gate Gorge, 3 km long, is the shortest of the three, stretching from the Dragon-Gate Bridge to the
Rapids of Silver Nest. It is spectacular due to the mountains on both sides that are so high that they seem
to touch the sky. In the gorge, there are the remains of the longest ancient plank walkway in China and a
number of scenic sights, such as the Dragon-Gate Spring, Gate Guarded by Lion, Nine Dragons Pillar,

Misty Gorge, 10 km long, starts at the Tortoise Shoal and ends at the Double-Dragon Town. Stalactites in numerous shapes and various
sculptured groups have formed on both banks of the river. A good imagination is all your need to enjoy the sights and perhaps discover a few of
your own.

Emerald Gorge extends for 20 km from the Double-Dragon Town to Tujiaba. It is the longest and also gathers the beauty of the Lesser Three
Gorges. On the banks, each peak seems more beautiful than the other does and the bamboo groves are luxuriantly verdant. Mandarin ducks swim
in pairs in the river and monkeys leap from branch to branch.

These three gorges, with an area of 160 hectares of forest, lie on the lower reaches of Daning, extending from the entrance of the Dragon-Gate
Gorge in the South to Tujiaba in the North for 50 km. Here sheer cliffs and steep mountains rise on either side, creating one of natural fine arts
gallery as natural scenic wonders unfold on both banks of the river. Clear water flows between precarious precipices and peaks covered with
green trees and bushes. Monkeys, mandarin ducks, water birds and fish can be seen in this area.

In addition to the continuous natural scenery there are a number of historical places of interest along the
way, such as suspending coffin, boat coffin, remains of ancient plank walkway. The area has been made
one of the key nature reserves in China and is becoming known as a tourist attraction continuing to offer
its charms.



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