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Qutang Gorge


Qutang Gorge

Qutang GorgeThe Qutang Gorge is the shortest and most spectacular of Yangtze Three Gorges.

Immediately downstream of the ancient village Baidicheng the Yangtze River passes between the Chijia
Mountain on the north and the Baiyan Mountain on the south. The point where the river passes between
these mountains is called the Kuimen Gate and it is the entrance to the Qutang Gorge - the first of the
three Yangtze gorges. Here the width of the river is reduced to 100-200 meters and the narrowest places
are no more than a few dozens of meters while the principal peaks on the banks are as high as 1000-
1500 meters. This combination of narrow canyons among high mountains with several switchbacks in
only 8 kilometers creates spectacular vistas, and the Qutang Gorge is often considered the most
beautiful of all the Three Gorges.

Rocky mountains rise perpendicularly on both sides of the river almost like the gate set by the nature, squeezing the broad river into a narrow
ribbon threading its way through the Gorge.

There are many concentrated historical sites in the Qutang Gorge. They are the ancient town of Fengjie , Eight-Unit Formation, Baidi City, Bellows
Gorge, Mengliang Ladder, the Suspended Coffins. The Relics of the Daxi Culture has been found at the opening of the Qutang Gorge on the sout
h bank, which has aroused intense interest among archaeologists.

Qutang GorgeScenic spots and historical relics along the shores add feelings of peace to the unique experience.
The rising water line has impacted some sights, and a few spots are now under water never to be
seen again but many relics and sites have been moved and relocated. Stone inscriptions on the
Fenbi Wall and the Plank Road built along the cliff have been protected and are being moved. It is
expected that these sights will be opened to public very soon.



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