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Dali tourist attractions
Erhai Lake is situated at
1,972 m above sea level.
Its area is 250 square
kilometers, making it the
second largest highland
lake of China, after
Dianchi Lake...

Dali is situated in the
southwest of Yunnan and at
the intersection of the Yunnan
-Burma Highway and Yunnan
-Tibetan Highway. ...
Shaxi is a historical market
town in Jianchuan County,
Dali Prefecture. Located in
the Jinsha River, Lancang
River, Nujiang and the
southeastern Nature
Shibao Mountain is
situated in Jianchuan
County, 25 km away from
the county seat and 140
km. away from Dali...
The old town of Dali is famous
for numbers of pagodas.
Among the pagodas, the
ChongShen Monastery &
Three Pagodas
are the most
famous and magnificent...
The Bai People value
friendship and are
hospitable. Guests are
often treated with tea when
they come to Dali...
Xizhou, aside from Dali, is
a great place to observe
the typical Bai Minority folk
culture and architecture.
People nowadays regard
Xizhou as a town that is
famous for the Bai
minority culture...

Zhoucheng Village is the
largest and the farthest
northern village of Dali City.
The village has 7,571
inhabitants of 1,470 families...


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