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Datong tourist attractions
The Huayan Temple is the
largest and most perfectly
preserved temple of the
Liao (916-1125) and Jin
(1115-1234) dynasties in
China. It survived wars
and disorders, rises and
declines of times....

Mt. Hengshan is located in
Hunyuan County of Shanxi
Province in northern China. It
is the Northern Mountain of the
"Five Sacred Mountains".
Boasting 108 peaks and
spanning 150 kilometers....
Mt. Wutai is one of
Buddhism’s Four Sacred
Mountains, and is dedicated
to the Bodhisattva of
Wisdom Manjusri. It is
located about 200 km north
of Taiyuan in mountainous
According to Chinese
superstition, ghosts and
devils can only travel in
straight lines, so these
magnificent screens were
placed before residency
gates in order to block
their paths...
Shanhua Monastery (also
called Nan Temple or South
Temple) is located in central
Datong within the old city
walls. It was first constructed
during the Tang Dynasty (618-
907AD) though most of the
present wooden building
dates back to the 12th
Seventy kilometers
southeast of Datong and
5km south of Hunyuan, the
Hanging Temple is Heng
Shan's most impressive
building. A temple clinging
perilously halfway up the
side of a sheer cliff face, it
is propped up on long
wooden stilts anchored to
The city of Linfen is
situated in the
southwestern part of the
Shanxi Province, at the
lower reaches of the Fen
River, covering an area of
1,304 square kilometers
and with a population of
about 680,000..
Yingxian Wooden Pagoda is
located in Yingxian, Shanxi
province. People can see a
high pagoda towering aloft in
the area about 70 kilometers
away from Datong, that is
called Yingxian Wooden
Pagoda, one of five ancient
architectures in Shanxi
Located at the southern
foot of Wuzhou Mountain
some 16 km west of Datong
City, Shanxi Province,
Yungang Grottoes were
built against the mountain
and extend about 1 km from
east to west...


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