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Guangzhou tourist attractions
Located at 7 Zhongshan
Road in Guangzhou,
Memorial Hall of the Chen
was built between
1890 and 1894 during the
reign of Emperor Guangxu
of the Qing dynasty....

The Pearl River is China's
third longest river (2,200 km,
after the Yangtze River and the
Yellow River), and second
largest by volume (after the
Yangtze).... .
Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall
is a national major cultural
relic of Guangdong
Province, which is built in
order to commemorate the
contributions of Sun
The temple is known as
Liu Rong Temple in
Chinese. Situated inside
the city and first built
during the Five Dynasties
period (907-960), it was
originally called
Baozhuangyan Temple...
Yuexiu Park, named after Yuexiu Mountain, built in 1952, is the biggest comprehensive sight-seeing park in Guangzhou. It lies on Mountain Yue Xiu and other six little mountains...
Qingping Market came into existence in 1979. It has over 2000 stall along 1-km-long Qingping Road and Ti Yun Road in the north of Shamian Island ...

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