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Guilin tourist attractions
At the village of Gaotian to
the south of the town of
Yangshuo, where the
most typical pastoral
scenery is to be found,
there is a big banyan tree
over 1000 years old
Crown Cave Scenic Area
consists of Crown Cave and
the hills, villages, rivers from
Zhujiang (bamboo) River in
the north to Yangdi Village in
the south.... .
Located north of Guilin by
the Li River, Diecai Hill rises
abruptly with an elevation of
73 meters. The grotesque-
looking rocks, with patterns
suggesting a great pile of
folded brocade, gave the hill
its present name Folded
Brocade Hill...
Situated majestically at
the southeast of Guilin city
and west bank of Li River,
Elephant Trunk Hill is
regarded as the symbol
of Guilin landscape...
The beautiful Fubo Hill, in the
northeast of the city, is well
known as the "Wonderland on
Wave" with its exquisite peak
rising high and its foot half in
water and half on land...
Originated in Mountain
Mao'er at Xin'an county
northeast of Guilin, Li River
winds its way southeast for
about 437 km, passing
through Guilin, Yangshuo,
Pingle, Zhaoping and finally
meets Xi River in Wulin...
In the southeast of Long
Sheng County
in Guilin,
there is a group of large-
scaled rice terraces built
into the hillside. It is no
exaggeration to say that
where there is soil, there
is a terrace..
Ludi Yan (Reed Flute Cave)
was formed 600,000 years
ago by a cave river. The cave
lies in the Guangming Hill and
invites you into a beautiful
underworld of stalactites,
stalagmites and wonderfully
shaped rock formations – ...

Sanjiang is located in the
north part of Guangxi
Zhuang Autonomous
Region at the middle
beaches of the Xunjiang; in
the joint area of Hunan,
Guizhou and Guangxi
Seven Star Park is on the
eastern bank of the
Lijiang River, only two
kilometers from the city
centre, is the largest
comprehensive park with
the most attractive natural
environment in the city of
The highway from Guilin turns
southward at Yangshuo and
after a couple of kilometer
crosses the Jingbao River.
South of this river and just to
the west of the highway is a
limestone pinnacle with a
moon-shaped hole
penetrating the hill. Hence the
name Moon Hill...
West Hill is located 2
kilometers west of Guilin
and covers about 2 square
kilometers. It consists of the
West Hill, the Hidden Hill
and the West Lake. Hills are
composed of 12 peaks,
including the Thousand
Peak, Stone Fish Peak,
West Peak and Guanyin
Located 27 km from
Yangshuo, in the eastern
bank of the Li River,
Xingping is an time-
honored ancient town, it
was built over 1,000 years
ago and in the Northern
and Southern Dynasties
(420-589). Xingping was
the seat of Xingping
Yangdi Village is located on
the west bank of Li River,
about 46 km from Guilin,
behind the village lies a hill
consisting two peaks, which
look like two hoofs (yang ti in
Chinese pinyin) of a sheep
hanging upside down-hence
the name Yangdi Village ...

Yangshuo, located in
northeastern par of Guangxi
Zhuang Autonomous
Region, lies south of Guilin
and is under the jurisdiction
of the city of Guilin.
Surrounded by karst peaks
and bordered on one side
by the Li River it is easily
accessible by bus or by
boat from nearby Guilin...

As a bright pearl among
the National Forest Parks
in China, Guilin Zijiang
River--Bajiaozhai National
Forest Park
is located at
the foot of Yuecheng
Mountains in Ziyuan
County, the northeast
Guangxi province...
Wind and Rain Bridge is the
symbolized architecture of the
Dong minority people. The
Dong people also erect
covered bridges with porches
and pavilions which provide
shelter even when it rains...
Fenced in on all sides by
mountains, the town of
Longsheng is situated in
the northeast of the Guangxi
Zhuang Autonomous
Region, 100 km away from
Guilin.  Longshen features
the folkways of the ethnic
Zhuangs and Yaos...

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