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Seven Star Park

Seven Star Park

Seven Star ParkSeven Star Park is on the eastern bank of the Lijiang River, only two kilometers from the city centre, is the
largest comprehensive park with the most attractive natural environment in the city of Guilin.

The park covers an area of over 100 hectares and was named after the tale that the seven peaks of Mountain
Qixing were the seven stars in the north sky falling down to the earth. Boasting hills, rivers, caves and rocks
all together, the "Seven-star Peaks", “Seven-star Cave”, "Camel Hill", "Crescent Rainbow Shadow" and
"Putuo Stone Forest" are the symbolic scenes in the park.

The elegantly constructed Flowers Bridge is the main gateway to the park. It was first built in the Song dynasty and renovated in the Ming dynasty.
It's said that in the ancient time the bridge was well surrounded by wild flaming flowers in spring, thus the name of the bridge. Unfortunately, the
number of flowers reduced greatly during the Qing dynasty and now visitors can't find any.

Seven-Star Cave is 800meters long, there are a countless number of colourful stalactites and stalagmites of all shapes in the underground maze,
With some imagination, visitors may see such scenes as “An Ancient Banyan Greeting Guests”, “ A Bridge of Magpies Spanning the Milky” and “A
Peacock Displaying its Feathers”. These mysterious scenes and some 40 other in this underground maze take the visitors to a world of fairy tales.

The Camel Hill is a wow sight in the park. In Guilin, you will find all the limestone hills look like somebody or something. This hill looks incredibly
like a huge camel standing in vast grassland. When in a bright morning or afternoon, the sun sets on the hill, reflecting a brightly glow. On foot of
the hill stretches a patch of grassland which offers a pleasant stroll. The place is very popular with the locals; many can be seen leisurely walking
around in early mooning or late afternoon.

Seven Star ParkThere are nearly 2,000 carvings and sculptures to be found on the rocky faces of the hills and caves in Guilin.
The largest number of them is concentrated in Dragon Refuge Cave at the foot of Seven-star Hill’s Yaoguang
Peak, A Stele preservation Pavilion was built in 1963 at the entrance to Dragon Refuge Cave, where the
rubbings of all the important inscriptions carved on stele on the hills and in the caves are displayed.

In the park, there are many Karst views, including the caves and stones. Dated back 1000 years ago, the place
was already a place of interest for local people.




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