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YangshuoYangshuo, located in northeastern par of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, lies south of Guilin and is
under the jurisdiction of the city of Guilin. Surrounded by karst peaks and bordered on one side by the Li River
it is easily accessible by bus or by boat from nearby Guilin. Over the years, it has become popular with foreign

YangShuo has a long history of 1400 year in which the people there have created their own culture, such as
long drum dance, song gathering Cai Diao opera, dragon and lion dance, the natural scenery there are
gardens relics and sites in the history, ancient bridge and other architectures and stone carvings.

Two main roads run away from the water and form the central part of the town, Chinese Street and West
Street. Most foreign-oriented businesses, such as hostels, hotels, rock climbing companies, restaurants and
entertainment venues, are situated on West Street or the pedestrian only Xian Qian Street which runs between
Chinese and West Street.

As the old saying goes , "Guilin's scenery is the most beautiful in the world, Yangshuo 's scenery is far more superior to that of Guilin's". From this,
one can know that the natural scenery of Yangshuo is unique and like none other in the world. On both sides of the Li River, magical peaks and
push green bamboo trees reflect off the mirror like surface of the water to paint beautiful mountain and water murals. Moreover, many consider the
land scape of the plains and the villages to be like a beautiful picturesque poem. Amongst the mountains and waters are old buildings and old
bridges that reflect the rich cultural heritage of Yangshuo.

During the boat cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo, travelers often stop near the halfway point to visit the famous "Fish Village". From the start, visitors
notice the authentic and well-preserved structures, which reflect a way of life that has continued for nearly 500 years. What is striking as well, is that
this is not a museum, locals still eat, sleep, and work out their lives there. On July 2,1998,American President Clinton and delegation visited Fish
Village to enjoy its history and architecture.

YangshuoYangshuo and the surrounding countryside is an incredibly beautiful place. The landscape is dotted with Karst
peaks and the Li river winds its way around them. Yangshuo is your break from all the major cities in China,
here you can experience the rural China you have come to expect. Yangshuo is a very laid back town with
excellent facilities for visitors.



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