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Hangzhou tourist attractions
Located at the foot of
Yuhuang Mountain near
West Lake in Hangzhou,
the China National Silk
occupies an
area of 8,000 square
meters and opened to the
public in February 1992...
Located in the Dragon Well
Village -- a tea growing area
south of the West Lake District
in Hangzhou, the China
National Tea Museum
completed and opened to the
public in October 1990...
This Former Residence of
Hu Xueyan
, which lies in
Hangzhou City of Zhejiang
Province, was built in the
11th year (1872) of the reign
of Emperor Tongzhi of the
Qing Dynasty at enormous
The Grand Canal of
China, also known as the
Beijing-Hangzhou Grand
Canal  is the longest
ancient canal or artificial
river in the world...
Huagang Park (Flower Harbor
Park) is located at the
southern end of the Su
Causeway, against the West
Hill, is one of the ten famous
places of interests of West
The Hupao Spring is
located in the side yard of
the Huichan Temple
(commonly known as the
Hupao Temple), which is at
the foot of the Baihe Peak
(White Crane Peak) of Daci
Huqingyutang is located
in Dajing Lane, at the foot
of Wushan Hill in
Hangzhou, the museum
was open to the public in
Lingyin Temple, or "Soul's
Retreat Temple",  is one of the
best-known Buddhist
monasteries in China, was
founded in 326 AD by the
Indian monk, Hui Li...
The Longjing Tea (The
Dragon Well Tea) is a
famous specialty in
Hangzhou and known as
the best tea in China. It is
also an invaluable culture in
the city. ...
To understand the brilliant
past and equally bright
future of tea in China,
there is one place where
a visit is a must - Meijiawu
Tea Village
The Six Harmonies (Liuhe)
lies in Yuelun Hill on
the north bank of the Qiantang
River in Hangzhou, Zhejiang
Su Causeway became a
tourist attraction as early as
1090. That year, Su
Dongpo, a famous poet in
the Song Dynasty and the
governor of Hangzhou, had
the lake dredged...
The West Lake derives its
name from the fact that it
locates west of Hangzhou
city. Over hundreds of
years, it changed from a
bay to a lagoon, and then,
before Tang Dynasty (618
Wuzhen Town, in Tongxiang
City, Zhejiang Province, has a
history of more than 1,000
years. Of the ancient
residential houses,
workshops, and stores still
standing on the banks of the
Qiandao Lake (Thousand Island Lake) is a man-made lake located in Chun'an County, Zhejiang, China, formed since the completion of the Xin’anjiang hydroelectric station...
China is a country with a rich tradition of pottery and porcelain. The history of pottery can be traced back through 8,000 years, while porcelain in China has a history over 2,000 years...

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