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Huagang Park

Huagang Park

Huagang ParkHuagang Park (Flower Harbor Park) is located at the southern end of the Su Causeway, against the
West Hill, is one of the ten famous places of interests of West Lake.

The Flower Harbor Park with Golden Fish is an island surrounded by West Lake and outer West
Lake, which peony park dominated the central part. You can overlook the whole scenery in the Flower
Harbor Park from the resting Pavilion.

Eight hundred years ago, "Viewing Fish at Flower Harbor" was a private garden in the possession of
a Song Dynasty official. Occupying an area of 21 hectares, the place is nestled at the foot of a hill and
on the shore of the West Lake. Fishs are raised in the pond, which is fed with runoffs from the Huajia mountain, and peonies are planted on the
bank, so that the place becomes an ideal place for marveling at the fish and peonies.

Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty visited the Park on one of his inspection trips to this part of China. The emperor was so pleased and
inspired by the flowers and goldfish he saw at the garden that he wrote a poem to praise the resort as well as in memory of his visit.

There are four sections in the park: the Peony Yard, the Red Fish Pool, the Thick Forest Zone and the New Flower Harbor. Widespread lawns and
woods, occupying an area of 21 hectares.

The large variety of flowers and golden fish are the leading roles in the park. Peony Park is the best place for enjoying the flowers, among which
the pink, the green, and the purple peonies are most famous. Besides peonies, there are more than 200 species of flowers.

Huagang ParkHuagang Park is a recreation resort for viewing goldfishes. The best place enjoying the golden fish is the Red fish
Pond, where most golden fish are red and golden or silver and orange, average 1ft long and some even longer.
You can feed them or just watch the golden fish playing in-groups. The fish are playing in the water and breeze is
bringing petals, forming a poetic scene of "flowers touching the fish and the fish kissing the flowers".

Beautiful flowers and the moving golden fish in the Flower Harbor Park make everyone relaxed. You can enjoy the
natural beauty here, look at fish, admire flowers, touch trees, listen to birds chirping, and witness the exodus of
spring and the arrival of summer.




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