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Huqingyutang (Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum)

Huqingyutang (Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum)

(Traditional Chinese Medicine MuseumHuqingyutang is located in Dajing Lane, at the foot of Wushan Hill in Hangzhou, the museum was open to the public
in 1991.

Huqingyutang and Tongrentang in Beijing are the two most famous stores of traditional Chinese medicines in China
, one in the south and the other in the north. The Chinese pharmacy has a series of two courtyards, the one in front is
the store and the one in the rear, the workshop. It adopts the strong points of garden architecture in south China.

Built by the renowned businessman Hu Xueyan of the late Qing Dynasty in the 13th reigning year of Emperor Tongzhi
(1874 AD), the ancient complex is one of the rare commercial buildings of the late Qing Dynasty at home and abroad
. Hu Xueyan (1823-1885) was a well-known Chinese businessman active in the 1870s and 1880s.

It is a court - style pharmacy featured building in typical architectural style of the Qing Dynasty, elegant and
magnificent. The museum includes 5 sections: an exhibition house majors in introducing some famous Chinese doctors, the origin and
development of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the exchange activities with other countries; a workshop where you can see the whole process of
Traditional Chinese Medicine preparing; a health-care clinic; a restaurant with medicated food and a sales department. Anyone who comes here
for a visit can find a lot of fun, such as, to prepare medicine with hand tools and to taste the unique medicated food etc. 

The Hu Qingyu hall of late Qing Dynasty style was established on ancient construction foundation. It demonstrated and introduced all the previous
dynasties’ Chinese medicine celebrities as well as the medicines’ origins and the pharmacology development, the Chinese and foreign medicine
exchange, the tools for manufacturing Chinese medicine and thousands kinds of traditional Chinese medicines specimen.

(Traditional Chinese Medicine MuseumWalk through the narrow corridor over the pond and into the doorway of the workshop, and you’ll see a dozen
or so people busily going drawer to drawer, grabbing roots, leaves, bark, etc., throwing them together, and
packaging them to ship off somewhere. They are such pros that they don’t even need to look at a recipe.

In the Chinese medical workshop, you may see the senior pharmacists making herbs by hand performance.
In addition, you may also purchase Chinese medicine originating from many different places in the Chinese
medical hall.





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