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AberdeenAberdeen, the largest satellite town of Hong Kong city, is a vibrant waterfront harbour resort. It is
unique in the sense that it puts forward the traditional lifestyle and modernity on a single platter.
Floating restaurants are highly acclaimed features of this tourist centre, which is one of Hong
Kong's oldest and most popular tour attraction.

Aberdeen was formerly a fishing village. Even though quite a few commercial towers and factories
have been built in this district in recent years, Hong Kong Tsai still maintains the characteristics of
a traditional fishing village.

Conventional lifestyle still prevails in Aberdeen. Aberdeen harbour preserves the features of a
fishing port. Fishing boats, equipped with traditional sampans, shuttle back and forth. Fishermen
are busy arranging for their bread and butter. Visitors can cruise around the fishing port on a boat.

Aberdeen in Hong Kong, also known as a resort, arranges for delicious seafood. The famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant and the Tai Bak (Tai Bei)
Seafood Boat are located at the Aberdeen Habour. Visitors can enjoy a free-of-charge travel by ferry boat to the restaurants to have a taste of
delicious seafood. These restaurants are anchored in the harbor. They can enjoy delicious seafood as well as other culinary delights in these

After sampling the delicacies, you can stroll along the old Hong Kong Tsai Street and to the Hung Shing (God of the South Seas and weather
prophet) Temple at the juncture of the sea lane and the land road, and the Tin Hau Temple (the queen of Heaven and Protectress of seafarers)
and take a look, you will find out what they are worshipping is the fishermen's tutelary spirit, by burning incense with many worshipers joining in.

AberdeenThe Hollywood martial arts film, Enter the Dragon starring Bruce Lee used Aberdeen Harbour as a filming
location for the scenes where the principal characters assemble on Han's junk for the sea journey to his





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