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Hong kong tourist attractions
Aberdeen, the largest
satellite town of Hong
Kong city, is a vibrant
waterfront harbour resort.
It is unique in the sense
that it puts forward the
traditional lifestyle and
modernity on a single
Hong Kong Disneyland is the
first theme park inside the
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
and is owned and managed
by the Hong Kong International
Theme Parks... .
Ocean Park Hong Kong,
embedded in the southern
corner of Hong Kong Island,
is one of the world's most
famous theme parks...
The Repulse Bay is the
sandy beach of having the
highest representative
characteristics in Hong
Kong by its long and
broad beach, clean water,
fresh sand, calm tide and
gentle wave...
Known as Hong Kong's most
conspicuous landmark, The
Peak is also the residential
yearning of most of the
population. Located on the
western side of the island...

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