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Victoria Peak


Known as Hong Kong's most conspicuous landmark, The Peak is also the residential yearning of
most of the population. Located on the western side of the island, it is the highest point in Hong
Kong, rising a third of a mile into the waiting sky. It is where you can see Kowloon from a hilltop
across the Victoria Harbor with buildings on Hong Kong Island in the foreground. At the right spot,
the view is breathtaking.

An eight minute tram ride is all you need to ascend to the summit of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. One
of the more popular tourist attractions outside of Kowloon, the ride prides itself on being the utmost
in safety – there has never, in the history of the Peak Tram, been an accident.

The ride ends at the unnervingly exuberant Victoria Peak Tower – a haphazard accumulation of cheap tourist activities. Here you'll find offerings
from Madame Tussaud, Ripley's Believe It or Not, not to mention the Peak Galleria Shopping Arcade and other things you might not expect to find
at the top of a distant hill.

The Peak is a great place for walks, with its forests of bamboo and fern, lilliputian Chinese pines, hibiscus, and vines of phenomenal beauty.
Visitors should start from Lugard Road, which begins just opposite the Peak Tram's upper terminus at 395m above sea level. Atop the hill, visitors
will be greeted with some of the world's finest views that stretch all the way to China and Macau. The hike from Lugard Road to Harlech Road,
which presents views of the harbor, takes about two hours to complete. Hikes from Green Island and Peng Chau to the north, and Lantau and
Macau to the west will also take about the same time.

Victoria PeakThe best time to go to the Victoria Peak is later afternoon on a clear day. Stay there to see the
scenery change from daytime to dusk and to nighttime.

Victoria Peak Hong Kong is the perfect location for a family outing, or for those who just want to
escape the occasionally mind-numbing energy found throughout the rest of Hong Kong.




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