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Huangshan tourist attractions
Once the largest private
garden in China, the Bao
Family Garden
originally the private
property of a wealthy
Chinese businessman
in Anhui Province...

Chengkan village locates near
the famous Mt. Huangshan. It
is so mysterious that people
who visit Mt.Huangshan must
pay a visit to Chengkan
village... .
Hongcun Village is located
at the foot of the southwest
side of Mt. Huangshan, only
11 kilometers away from
Yixian town. It is a unique,
buffalo-shaped ancient
village in the ancient
Nanping Village, located
in the southwest part of
Yixian county, is a town
with broad scales and a
thousand years history...
Shexian County is located at
the southern foot of Mt.
Huangshan, in the upper
reaches of the Xin'an River,
surrounded by mountains and
streams. ...
Tangyue Village is located
near the southern foot of
Huangshan Mountain is
famous for its memorial
archways (gates)...
Situated in the center of
Tunxi District with a long
history dating back to the
Song Dynasty (960-1279).
The Old Street is 1.5
kilometers long and 7
meters wide...
Xidi Village is located in the
southeastern part of Yixian
County and has over 300
simple, yet graceful, Ming and
Qing dynasty residences, of
which 124 are well
Standing straight among
the mountains in south of
Anhui Province, the Yellow
Mountain (Mt. Huangshan)

is one of famous mountains
in China...
Mt. Huangshan was
called "Yi Shan" when
Yixian County was built in
Qin Dynastyin (221-207
B.C.). Yixian County is one
of the two oldest county
with a history of more than
2200 years in our city...

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