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Kashgar tourist attractions
Abakh Hoja Tomb,
commonly known among
Chinese, as the Tomb of
Xiangfei, a famous
imperial concubine, is the
most magnificent tomb in
Kashgar, filled with history
and symbolism....

Bazaar is Uygur language,
meaning market and trade
place. The bazaar is a
uniquely traditional type of
trade found in Xinjiang. More
than 2,000 years old, the
Kashgar bazaar is the biggest
international trade market in
the northwest region of
China... .
Kashgar's majestic yellow-
tiled Id Kah Mosque has
been the heart of the
region's traditional Muslim
culture since its completion
in 1442. Kashgar City, as
the biggest mosque in
China, it is a group of old
Islamic constructions with
strong ethnic style and
religious features....
Tomb of Yusup Hazi
is located at the
Tiyu Road, Kashgar City,
with an area of 965
square meters. Opened to
the public on 1988...

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