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Bird and Flower Market

Bird and Flower Market

Bird and Flower MarketSituated in the downtown area of Kunming, the Flower and Bird Market is a place no nature-loving tourist
should miss.

The famous Bird and Flower Market in Jingxing Street is the city's biggest, most attractive shopping market
where spring reigns all year, it is an interesting places either for a leisurely stroll or to purchase some lovely
things to take home. Houses lined with the street provide some good examples of traditional Kunming

Since 1983 the Bird and Flower Market has gradually been built into a comprehensive public spot for leisure
, shopping, and trading. Stalls in the sprawling market provide great varieties of items from blossoms, potted plants, dedicate art crafts and

The flowers on show here include camellias, orchids, yulan magnolia, lilies, jasmine, roses, Chinese flowering crabapples, osmanthus,
chrysanthemum, plum, and winter jasmine. There are also various kinds of rare plants like yew podocarpus and arhat bamboo. You can buy loose
flowers, made-up boutiques, or potted flowers as well as various styles of vases there.

Bird and Flower MarketYou'll hear continuous bird song from parrots, mynahs, thrushes, and cuckoos, most of which are for sale. As for
fish, there are tropical fishes, goldfish and red carp in the market. Fish tanks and fishing tackle can also be found
here. The fishes are mainly tropical - small and brightly colored for home aquariums.

The market also acts as a trading center for various kinds of antiques, including jade objects, ink slabs, ancient
coins, porcelain, agates and other handicrafts. It is a treasure trove for souvenirs. Do not miss the shops that sell
colorful ethnic costumes with headdresses. Most are handcrafted and very popular with tourists. Shopping can
make you hungry and the area is filled with teahouses and shops selling interesting delicacies, such as sweet
wine, fried spiral shells, braised bean curd and others.

Filled with the scent of flowers and echoes of bird songs all year round, the market is indeed an enchanting place
with a true local flavor.




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