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Kunming tourist attractions
Situated in the downtown
area of Kunming, the
Flower and Bird Market is
a place no nature-loving
tourist should miss...

Located 7 kilometers west of
Kunming, at the lake shore of
Dianchi Lake, the Grand View
was built in 1682, by a
Buddhist monk named
Qianyin.... .
The Golden Palace is
located in the northern
suburbs of Kunming East
Mingfeng Mountain
Originally known as
"Copper Tile Temple," ....
As a local comprehensive
museum with an area of
5,000 sq meters,
Kunming City Museum
opened in September
Lunan Yi Nationality
Autonomous County
is in the
southeast of Kunming City. It
is 78km from the main urban
area of Kunming and covers a
land area of 1,719 square
Qiongzhu Temple is a
famous and important
temple in Kunming, which
located in Yu'an Mountains
in the Northwest of
Kunming, about 7km away
from the city center...
Karst is largely restricted
to the most soluble rocks,
which are salt, gypsum
and anhydrite, and
limestone and dolostone.
They are produced by
aqueous dissolution...
West Hill is at the west suburb
some 15 kilometers from
Kunming city. It is located on
the edge of Dianchi Lake in
the western suburbs of
Kunming with an altitude of
some 2,500 meters above sea
With a history of more than
1200 years, Yuantong
is one of
Kunming’s most active
Buddhist temples in
Located in the center of
Kunming City, Yunnan
Provincial Museum
is a
comprehensive museum.
With multitudinous
material objects of

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