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West Hill


Western Hill

Western Hill West Hill is at the west suburb some 15 kilometers from Kunming city. It is located on the edge of Dianchi
Lake in the western suburbs of Kunming with an altitude of some 2,500 meters above sea level. It
stretches from north to south for about 40 km.  

From the east or north banks of the Dianchi Lake, you can see the Western Hills, looking just like a young
girl lying with her face to the sky and her long hair drifting into the water of the lake. The local people call
her the "Sleeping Beauty." The folk legend says that she is dreaming of her lover's return and her tears
have formed the vast Dianchi Lake.

West Hill is very beautiful with lush vegetation, blooming flowers, green grass and tranquil surroundings.
West Hill has enjoyed great fame for its beautiful and unique natural scenery since ancient time and was renowned as " the most beautiful place in

The most important thing is that the western hills are a very famous scenic spot. Some of the major sites include: Huating Temple, an ancient
Buddhist temple that was originally a retreat for the local ruler; Taihua Temple, with its charming orchard courtyard; Sanqing Pavilion, a Taoist
temple dedicated to that religion's three major deities; and Dragon Gate, a collection of Taoist caves and sculptures.

The Dragon Gate is a system of grottoes and tunnels dug and hacked into a mountain-top cliff by a group of Taoist monks between 1781 and
1835. It was carved from the 46th year of Qianlong Era (1781) to the third year of Xianfeng Time in the Qing Dynasty. The tourists cannot help being
astonished by such elegant carving on such precipitous hills. And the grottoes are dedicated to a number of Chinese deities.

Western Hill West Hill has become a popular attraction with many scenic spots. Each spring, the locals will gather here
singing folk songs, playing dragon and lion show and enjoying the stunningly beautiful scenery around.  

The 3rd of March is a festive time in the Western Hills. It is the best time for Kunming residents to climb the
mountains and look into the distance, to admire the spring flowers and appreciate the feeling of new life.


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