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Lijiang tourist attractions
Baisha is a small village
on the plain north of
Lijiang, near several old
temples and is one of the
best day trips out of
The Black Dragon Pool is a
famous pond in the scenic
Jade Spring Park located at
the foot of Elephant Hill, a
short walk north of the Old
Town of Lijiang...
Jade Dragon Snow
is the
southernmost glacier in the
Northern Hemisphere.
Consisting of 13 peaks,
Jade Dragon Snow
Mountain stretches a length
of 35 kilometers....
Lugu Lake is a high
mountain plateau lake,
2685 meters above sea
level, located 202 km
northeast of Lijiang on the
border of Sichuan and
Yunnan provinces...
The ancient and mysterious
"Land of Grace Girls" - Lugu
Lake is located at the junction
of Sichuan and Yunnan, 2,685
meters in altitude..
When walking on the
ancient streets of Lijiang
Old Town, you will
undoubtedly hear the
wonderful Naxi Ancient
Lijiang covers an area of
14 sq. km, and has over
4,200 households. It is
also known as Dayan
Town, meaning large
inkstone, as it is laid out
in the shape of a
traditional Chinese
Shuhe Tea and Horse Old
is located 4 kilometers
to the northwest of the Ancient
City of Lijiang. Its central part
covers an area of about 5
square kilometers....
On the mountain at the
Jinsha River's bend stands
Stone Drum Village (Shigu
Village). The Jinsha River
does a U-turn at Stone
Drum Village and flows
The First Bend of the
Yangtze River
is located
on the north side of the
highway leading from Dali
to Lijiang, about 70 km.
from Lijiang Town...
Tiger Leaping Gorge begins at
Qiaotou village, Zhongdian
County and ends at Daju
village, Lijiang. The gorge is
18 kilometers long at the
upper reaches of the Jinsha

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