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Luoyang tourist attractions
Located 13 km south of
Luoyang, Henan Province
, the Longmen Grottoes
are concentrated on the
east and west cliffs of the
Yishui River, and stretch
for one km....
Located on the west bank of
Nanya River on the Dongguan
Xin Street in Luoyang, Luoyang
Folk Art Museum
was built up
in 1744, the ninth year of the
reign of Emperor Qianlong in
the Qing Dynasty... .
Located in Dengfeng City,
Henan Province, Mt
is the central
one of the Five Sacred
Mountains in China...
Shao Lin Kung Fu has
originated in the particular
Buddhist cultural
environment in the
Shaolin Temple of
Mountain Songshan over
a long history..
The Shaolin Temple is a Chan
Buddhist temple at Song Shan
Mountain in Henan Province.
In 496 A.D. the Shaolin
Temple was built not far from
Luoyang, the new capital of the
Northern Wei Dynasty (386-
White Horse Temple
(Baima Temple) is located
12 km away from Luoyang
City. Established by the Han
Dynasty in 68 AD when
Buddhism started to
Xiaolangdi Water
Conservancy Project
40 kilometers north of
Luoyang City in Henan
Province, and south of
Jiyuan City on the Yellow
The Yellow River is the second
largest river in China.
Thousands of years ago,
Chinese civilization emerged
from the Yellow River's central

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