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Nanjing tourist attractions
Nanjing Confucius
is for
consecrating and
worshipping Confucius,
the great thinker and
educator of ancient
The Mausoleum of Dr. Sun
is situated at the foot
of the second peak of Purple
Mountain in Nanjing, because
of the purple clouds that often
hang over its peaks... .
This Memorial Hall was
built by Nanjing Municipal
Government in memory of
the 300,000 victims who
lost their lives during the
Nanjing Massacre...
Mingxiao Tomb is located
in Nanjiang, which was
once the capital of the
Ming Dynasty (1368-1644
AD) of China..
The Presidential Palace in
Nanjing, China, housed the
Office of the President of the
Republic of China before
moving to Taiwan in 1949...
The Xuanwu Lake Park is
situated at outside of the
Xuanwu Gate, the ancient
Nanjing City. With a
circumference of 15
kilometers, ...
The Nanjing Yangtze River
is the first bridge to
be built across the
Yangtze River in Nanjing,
China. It was completed
in 1968 and is the first
The Yuejiang Tower Scenic
Spot is located in the
northwest of Nanjing and
overlooks the Yangtze River on
the north. ...

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