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Pingyao tourist attractions
The Old Town of Pingyao
lies in Pingyao County in
central Shanxi Province. It
was constructed during
the reign of King Xuan of
the Western Zhou Dynasty
(C.827-782B.C.) and has
been a county seat ever
since the establishment
of the prefecture-and-
county system in ancient

The Pingyao City Wall lies in
northwest Pingyao County,
Shanxi Province. The city of
Pingyao is one of the four
remaining well-preserved
ancient cities in China and a
typical representative of
ancient city life at the Central
Plain, inhabited by the Han
nationality. ... .
The Ancient Ming and Qing
, that is the South
Avenue of Pingyao, is an
essential cultural relics of
the county. Reputed as the
'Wall Street of China', it
used to be the most
prosperous part of the
county and the financial
center of China....
Located in the Qiaotou
Village about six
kilometers to Pingyao, the
Shuanglin Temple is
reputed to be the ancient
painted sculptures

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