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Qingdao tourist attractions
The Badaguan ("Eight
") is famous for its
gardens and roads. It lies
in the east of Qingdao City
in Shandong Province, the
Taiping Mountain around
its north side and the
Huanghai Sea is towards
the south. ...
With its highest peak rising
1,133 meters above sea level,
Mt. Laoshan is situated on the
southeastern Shandong
Qingdao's Number one
bathing beach
is situated at
Huiquan bay. The beach is
580 meters long and 40
meters wide. It is
surrounded on three sides
by green mountains...
The Qingdao International
Sailing Center
for the
Games of the 29th
Olympiad is located on
the old site of the Beihai
shipyard by Qingdao's
Fushan Bay in China's
Shangdong Province...
The museum locates at No.56
Dengzhou Road, where is
Qingdao Brewery Factory
founded in 1903. Its existence
not only supplies a charming
visual angle for the visitors
who come from the different
areas to close and understand
Tsingtao beer...
Xiaoyushan Park (Little Fish
Hill Park) was built and
opened in 1983. It is the first
hilltop sight of the Chinese
ancient traditional style in
Built in 1891, Zhanqiao
is the symbol of
Qingdao. 0.3 miles from
Qingdao Railway Station,
Zhanqiao Bridge,
welcomes travelers at
their first stop in this
beautiful coastal city...

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