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Sanya is the second largest city in Hainan province, and is in the middle of the south part of Hainan
island. It's a transport and communication center, and one of the most important foreign trade ports in
the extreme south of the golden coastline, which opens up to the outside world in the southeast of
China. In addition, it is often considered China's "southern gate", and justifies its reputation as a vibrant
subtropical oceanfront tourist city, so new on the International scene that much of it is still under

The city is ringed by continuous and rugged mountains on three sides. These are the Baopo
Mountains in the north, the Dahui, Hubao and Gao Mountains  in the east, and Nanbian Mountain in the
south. This expansive mountain topography divides Sanya into many parts, all surrounded by green
hills and characterized by multi-featured landscapes of many different styles.

Sanya is a popular escape for Russians fleeing sub-zero winters. Russians primarily stay at Dadong Hai(Great East Sea). Sanya is also a very
popular vacation spot for Northern Chinese to escape cold, arid weather. Especially around Chinese New Year, the city will overflow with tourists.

The Dadonghai, Xiaodonghai and Sanya bays in the urban area have the closest connection with the local citizens, while the Eastern and Western
Islands serve as a gate facing the South Sea, and tend to add a sense of depth to this vast sea, and a veil of mystery when the sea fog cloaks the
mountains. Strolling on the beach, one can often experience the Luhuitou through a light mist, as if the city were exhaling a long sinuous sigh.

SanyaSince Sanya is a city having close to the sea, there is plenty of seafood. Both of the hotels and a number
of roadside booths serve the freshest seafood. Sanya is a city with more than 20 nationalities and it is
said that the original inhabitants are the Li people. The Bamboo Tube Food is a Li folk food favored by the
westerners very much. Rice, small meat chunks, pea, coconut kernel and seasoning are stuffed into a
piece of bamboo trunk and baked on charcoal. Once you try it, you will want to eat it again.


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