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Shanghai tourist attractions
Not far from one of the
main Shopping districts
and in the heart of the
French Concession, is the
Former Residence of Dr.
Sun Yat-sen
Former Residence of Zhou Enlai
Zhou Enlai's former residence
(Zhougongguan) is located on
Sinan Road, which was in the
heart of the former French
Concession area.... .
Fuxing Park
Fuxing Park (Fuxing
Gongyuan), which located
in the south of Shanghai, is
formerly a private estate in
the French Concession....
Huangpu River and the Bund_
Huangpu River, 97 km
long, the most important
shipping artery of
Shanghai, wriggles like
an undulating muddy
dragon from the mouth of
the Yangtze River in
Wusong to the East China
Jade Buddha Temple

Jade Buddha Temple, the
famous Buddhist temple in
Shanghai, is located in the
western part of the city.
In 1882, a temple was built to
keep two jade Buddha statues
which had been brought from
Burma by a monk named
Huigen. ...
Jin Mao Building
The incredible Jin Mao
, which located in
the center of Lujiazui
Finance and Trade Districts
in Pudong, is the tallest
building in China, the
second tallest in Asia, and
is currently the third tallest
building in the world. ..
Jing An Temple
Jing An Temple is the
most famous landmark in
Jing An District, from
which the district obtained
its name. It is known as
the oldest shrine in the
city, dating back even
further than the city itself
Longhua Temple and Pagoda
First built in 242 AD, which is
during the period of the Three
Kingdoms, Longhua Temple
is the oldest in Shanghai for
its long history of over 1700
Nangjing Road
Nanjing Road is a symbol
of Shanghai’s rapid
business expansion. The
road starts at the Bund in
the east and ends in the
west at the junction of
Jingan Temple and Yan'an
West Street....
Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Situated within the
Pudong Park in Lujiazui,
Pudong New Area,
Oriental Pearl TV Tower,
with a giddy height of 468
Shanghai Museum
Shanghai Museum is to the
south of the People's Square
in the downtown area. The
construction area of the
museum is about 40,000
square meters....
Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center
Shanghai Urban Planning
Exhibition Center
is one of
the world's largest
showcases of urban
development and is much
more interesting than its dry
name suggests....
St. Ignatius Cathedral
St. Ignatius Cathedral,
which is Shanghai's
largest Catholic Church is
located in the Xujiahui
district, a relatively new
and fast developing area
just west of the French
Concession where many
of the city's offices and
businesses are based....
Yuyuan Garden
Yuyuan Garden, maybe the
most celebrated classical
Chinese garden in Shanghai,
is located in the northeast part
of the old town. With a total
area of less than 5 acres, it
has more than 40 attractions
in the inner and outer gardens,
both built in the Ming Dynasty
classical style....
Located on the banks of
Dianshan Lake in the
western suburbs of
Shanghai, Zhujiajiao is an
ancient water town well-
known throughout the
country, the little fan-shaped
town glimmers like a bright
pearl in the landscape of
lakes and mountains....
The Shanghai World
Financial Center
is a city
within the city, surrounded
by natural beauty at
ground level. Soaring high
into the sky. ....

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