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Suzhou tourist attractions
Not only one of the four
most renowned Suzhou
gardens, Canglang
is also the oldest
existing garden in the city
and a model of Song-
dynasty gardens
Hanshan Temple, is a
Buddhist temple and
monastery in Suzhou. It is
located at the town of
Fengqiao, about 5 kilometers
west of the old city of Suzhou...
The Humble Administrator's
(or Zhuozheng
Yuan), is one of four great
Chinese gardens. At 51,950
m² it is the largest garden in
Lion Grove is an
interesting garden in
Suzhou, which is well-
known for oddly-shaped
rocks and deep caves.
Like the Humble
Administrator's Garden...
Situated 25 kilometers
southeast from Suzhou,
Jiangsu Province. Luzhi is
reputed to be the Venice of
the East, it is famous for its
beautiful waterways and
ancient bridges..
The garden's area is not
large - 0.1 hectare. The
entire garden is based on
mountains, with ponds
added, and fully embodies
a Suzhou garden's
splendour of piling rocks...
North Temple Pagoda,
regarded as “The Oldest
Tower in South of the
Yangtze River” and an
important symbol of
Suzhou, is located in
North Tower Park in
Suzhou, Jiangsu
Panmen Scenery Area is
located to the southwest of the
ancient city of Suzhou with
numerous historical sites and
landscapes. Stepping onto the
top of the gate ...
Lingering Garden (Liu
Garden) is situated outside
the Chong Men. One of the
largest gardens in Suzhou...
The Master of the Nets
or Wangshi Yuan
is among the finest
gardens in China.
Recognized with nine
other Suzhou gardens as
United Nations World
Heritage sites...
The 36-meter-tall Huqiu (Tiger
Hill) stands outside the lumen
Gate to the north west of
Suzhou. It is a popular tourist
destination and is known for
its natural beauty as well as
historical sites...
Tongli, which belongs to
Wujiang in Jiangsu
Province, is located along
the bank of Tai Lake and to
the east of ancient canal
with eight lakes
Zhouzhuang Town, once
called Zhenfengli, is
located in Kunshan City,
30 km to the southeast of
Suzhou in Jiangsu
Province covering an area
of 0.4 sq. km...
For the purpose of promoting
the silk culture of China
domestically and
internationally, the Suzhou
government has founded the
Silk Museum...

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