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Kumbum Monastery

Kumbum Monastery

Kumbum MonasteryJiangba, the jamrese of a Thousand Hands and a Thousand Eyes in the monastery. There is a hall of arhat
made during the Ming Dynasty.

Another name of the monastery is Pelkor Chode Monastery.

The arhats are so vivid that they look very much alive. Besides the monastery is the world famous 9-storey
100,000-Buddha Pagoda (Kumbum Pagoda).

It stands 32 metres highly, has 108 doors, 77 Buddhist chambers and countless shrines. Enshrine in the
Pagoda are 100,000 statues of Buddha.

The Pagoda opens 8 doors, which are decorated with relief sculptures of lively flying dragons, running lions
and walking elephants.

It is a master-piece of the joint efforts of the Nepalese, Tibetan and Chinese.



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