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Tibet tourist attractions
Located in the old area of
Lhasa City, Tibet, Barkhor
is a very ancient
round street surrounding
the Jokhang Temple and
the Tibetan people are
always proud of it...

Standing by the highway on
the east bank of the Yalong
River in Nedong County,
Shannan Prefecture,
Changzhu monastery was
built in the seventh century and
has been repaired in various
historical periods... .
On the slope of the Wuze
Hill in Genbei five
kilometers northwest of
Lhasa, the Drepung
was built in 1416
and is the largest of the
monastery of the Gelug Sect
Ganden Monastery is one
of the 'great three'
Gelugpa university
monasteries of Tibet,
located on Wangbur
Mountain, Tagtse County,
47 kilometers from Lhasa
. ..
The Jokhang Monastery, an
example of the earliest
architecture in Tibet, can claim
to be the center around which
the city of Lhasa developed...
Namtso Lake is a mountain
lake at the border between
Damxung County of Lhasa
Prefecture and Baingoin
County of Nagqu Prefecture
in the Tibet, approximately
260 kilometers northwest of
Mt. Everest, also called
Mount Qomolangma, is
the highest peak in the
world. Its Tibetan
meaning of 'Goddess the
Third' adds more
mysterious color and
magic power to the
Norbuingka was built in 1755.
That’s where the later
generations after the 7th Dalai
Lama deal with affairs, hold
celebrations and spend the
hot season, rest and conduct
religious activities...
Palkhor Monastery, also
named Palcho Monastery,
is very different from other
monasteries. It lies about
230 kilometers south of
Lhasa and 100 east of
Shigatse at the foot of
Dzong Hill...
The Potala Palace, is the
most valuable storehouse
in Tibet. It is a huge
treasure house for
materials and articles of
Tibetan history, religion,
culture and arts...
Ruins of Guge Kingdom is
located in the Ngari Region,
Tibet Autonomous Region.
Now extend around the sides
of a mountain more than
300m, cover an area of
720,000 square meters...

This monastery is a "must "
for visitors to Tibet. Sakya,
meaning "Grey Soil" in
Tibetan since the soil
surrounding it is gray; its
walls were painted in red,
white and grey strips...

Built in the 8th century,
Samye Monastery was the
first Buddhist monastery
to be founded in Tibet. It is
also notable as the site of
the "Great Debate" (792
Located at the southern slope
of the Serawoze Mountain in
the northern suburb of Lhasa,
it is one of the three grand
monasteries of the Gelupa
Shalu Monastery is small
monastery 22km south of
Shigatse in Tibet. Founded
in 1040 by Chetsun Sherab
Jungnay, for centuries it
was renowned as a centre
of scholarly learning and
psychic training and. ...

Tashilhunpo Monastery is
one of the Six Big
Monasteries of Gelugpa
in Tibet, the full name in
Tibetan of the monastery
means: "all fortune and
happiness gathered here
" or "heap of glory"...
Located at Chonggye, the
tumuli of the Tibetan kings are
30 km from Tsedang. Buried
here are the kings, the
ministers and the royal
concubines from the 29th
Tsanpo to the last (the 40th)...

Yamdroktso (or Yamdrok
Yumtso), one of the three
holiest lakes in Tibet, lies at
Nhagartse, located about
100 kilometers (62 miles)
to the southwest of Lhasa...
Situated about 90
kilometers northwest to
Lhasa City, the
Yangpachen geothermal
area has many hot water
wells and hot springs,
which covers an area of
40 square kilometers...
Yumbulakang, reputed as the
first palace in Tibet history, is
also the oldest extant building
in Tibet. It stands looking like a
tent pitched on the summit of a
hill, narrow at the top and
broad at the bottom...
Gyantse is known because
of its Dzong (a fortress or
an administrative building
usually located on a hill
top), and the monastery
called the Pelkor Chode...
Jiangba, the jamrese of a
Thousand Hands and a
Thousand Eyes in the
monastery. There is a hall
of arhat made during the
Ming Dynasty...
Basum Tso - a Heaven on the
Ridge of the World. It is a
stunning highland lake resting
in the deep valley of the upper
reaches of the Ba River, 50km
northeast of Kongpo Gymdo in
Nyingchi, 370km east of
Mt. Everest, called Mount
Qumulangma in Tibetan
Language, is the highest
peak of the Earth and
probably the most coveted
mountain in adventurous
travelers’ eyes. ...
The Northern Tibetan
covers an area
of some 600000 square
km, or about half of Tibets
total area. It is called
Changtang by local
people. ...
Rongbuk is a Tibetan
Buddhist monastery of the
Nyingma sect in Basum
Township, Dingri County,
Shigatse Prefecture of the
Tibet Autonomous Region,
China. ...

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