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Turpan tourist attractions
The Ancient City of
lies at the foot
of the Flaming Mountain
40 kilometers southeast
of the Turpan County
Jiaohe city is located on a river
islet in the Yarnaz River valley
10 km west of Turpan. Jiaohe
means "intersecting rivers"...
Situated 42 km southeast of
Turpan (6 km to Gaochang)
, the graves are the
cemetery of the ancient
Gaochang residents...
The Bezeklik Thousand-
Buddha Caves
is situated
at the north bank of Muzat
River and about 7 km the
south of Bezeklik Town
between the Kuqa County
and Baichen County..
The Emin Minaret stands by
the Uyghur Mosque located in
Turfan. It is the largest extant
old tower in Xinjiang; it is the
only Islamic tower among the
hundred famous towers in
Located on the northern
edge of the Turpan Basin
, Flaming Mountain runs 10
kilometers east of Turpan
city, stretching up to 100
kilometers from east to
west and about 10
kilometers from south to
The Grape Valley is
situated in a canyon, west
side of Flaming Mountain
and 15 km northeast of
the seat of Turpan County
. ..
Karez is a unique irrigation
system mainly distributed in
Turpan district in Xinjiang
Uighur Autonomous Region...


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