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Wuxi tourist attractions
Huishan clay figurines
made in wuxi are one of
the well-known folk arts in
china. The little clay
figures are not only very
cute and colorful, but also
full of cultural
connotations in them...
The Li Garden is in southwest
Wuxi, and is surrounded on
three sides by Wuli Lake. It is
one of the most famous
gardens for lake scenery in
China.... .
Backing on to the Dragon
Hill 7 kilometers west of
Wuxi, the Plum Garden
(Meiyuan) is most famous
for the thousands of red
plum trees and flowers
planted there...
With an area of 2250
square kilometers and an
average depth of 2
meters, Taihu Lake is the
third largest freshwater
lake in China. ..
The Turtle Head Island a
small peninsular on the Taihu
Lake- third largest freshwater
lake in China is the best place
to view the mist-covered Taihu

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