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Xining tourist attractions
Dongguan Grand Mosque
is the largest and
complete ancient building
kept in Xining City, which
is one of the four major
mosques in the
Northwest region of
Qinghai Folk Custom Museum
(Xin Lu) is located at the east
district of Xining. The house is
used to be the Former
Residence of Mabufang, who
was a warlords in northwest
China.... .
Located in the northeast of
the 4,500-metre-high
Qinghai-Tibet plateau,
Qinghai Lake is a blue
mirror nestled between
snowy mountains and
The Sun and Moon
is located in the
Huangyuan Prefecture of
east of Qinghai Province,
the northeast of the
Qinghai Lake and it
belongs to the offshoot of
the Qilian Mountain
The Ta'er Temple is located at
the southwest corner of
Lusha'er Town in Niezhong
County, Qinghai Province...
Chaka Salt Lake lies near Chaka Town, Wulan County, Qinghai, in the eastern part of the Caidamu Basin. Chaka Salt Lake Chaka Salt Lake: Chaka means “Salt lake” in Mongolian....

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