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Three Gorges Dam


Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Dam The Three Gorges Dam is a hydroelectric river dam that spans the Yangtze River in Sandouping, which is
located near the mouth of the lowest of the Three Gorges, where the current was divided in two by an

The Project calls for the construction of a concrete dam, a hydroelectric power plant and a series of locks
just below the scenic Three Gorges region. The project is designed to be built in three phases and is
scheduled for completion in year 2009.

It is the largest hydro-electric power station in the world. Except for a planned ship lift, all the original plan
of the project was completed on Oct. 30, 2008, when the 26th generator was brought to commercial operation. Six additional generators in the
underground power plant are being installed, with the dam thus not expected to become fully operational until about 2011. The total electric
generating capacity of the dam will reach 22,500 MW.

The dam wall is made of concrete and is about 2,309 meters (7,575 ft) long, and 101 meters (331 ft) high. The wall is 115 meters (377.3 ft) thick on
the bottom and 40 meters (131.2 ft) thick on top. The project used 27,200,000 cubic meters  of concrete, 463,000 tonnes of steel, enough to build
63 Eiffel Towers, and moved about 102,600,000 cubic meters of earth.

Already the experience of passing through the gorges is changing. Gradually, the narrow ribbons of paths will disappear, and many temples and
pagodas are reappearing on higher ground. The colossal dam itself and the five-stage ride up or down it will be among the river's main attractions,
and schedules will become more convenient as the deepening waters make night navigation possible on formerly dangerous reaches.

Three Gorges Dam Most travelers often feel the Three Gorges trip to be the perfect break from the clamor of China, and a
cruise on the Yangtze is likely to remain one of the most pleasant memories of many China trips to



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