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Xiling Gorge

Xiling Gorge

Xiling GorgeXiling Gorge is a gorge on the Yangtze River. It stretches from Xiang Xi to Yi Chang and is the largest and furthest
downstream of the Three Gorges. The whole Gorge area is covered with high mountains, gullies, dangerous
shoals and hidden reefs of various sizes.

Xiling gorge is known for its dangerous rapids, sharp turns, and numerous reefs and shoals. It consists three
dangerous rapids: Rapid Xie, Rapid Qing and Rapid Kongling and four smaller gorges called Military Books and
Sword (Bingshubaojian), Bull's Liver and Horse's Lung (Niuganmafei), Kongling, and Lantern Shadow (Dengying)
. The recent construction of the Gezhouba water control project has helped calm the torrents but the charms of the
scenery remain the same.

On the right side is the Xiling Gorge Sanyou Cave Scenery Area where there are such scenic spots as the Chu Fortress Tower, Zhixi Pavilion and
the platform where General Zhang Fei in the Three Kingdom period beat the drum.

One of the important historical sights, Huangling Temple, formerly known as Yellow Ox Temple, sits on a piece of flat land on the southern bank
of the Yellow Ox Gorge within the Xiling Gorge. Legend has it that Yu the Great, when harnessing the raging waters in the Three Gorges, got help
from a yellow ox, the incarnation of God of the Earth. People offered sacrifices to the yellow ox in thanks and, to memorialize this event, built a
temple called Yellow Ox Temple. The main structure in this temple is the Hall of Yu the Great.

Going further down the Yangtze past the Yellow Ox Gorge, you come to the Bright Moon Gorge, also known as Lantern Shadow Gorge, still within
the Xiling Gorge. There are many beautiful scenes along this gorge. The best-known is the Heavenly Pillar Peak, just opposite of Maya Mountain.

The world's largest hydropower Project the Three Gorges Project and the largest hydropower Project in
China the Gezhouba Water Control Project are both built near Yichang City. The Gezhouba Dam and the
Three Gorges Project Dam with the beautiful Xiling Gorge in between forms an attracting scenery area
featuring nature beauty, human civilization and urban sightseeing.



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