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Yichang tourist attractions
The Chinese Sturgeon
is a part of the
Chinese Sturgeon Garden
that is located in Yichang
of Hubei Province...

China Yangtze Three Gorges
Project, as one of the biggest
hydropower-complex project in
the world, ranks as the key
project for improvement and
development of Yangtze
River.... .
The Gezhou Dam is located
at the lower end of the
Three Gorges in the
suburbs of Yichang City,
Hubei Province, 38 Km from
the Three Gorages Dam...
Shennong Stream, a
tributary of the Yangtze
River, rises in the
southern part of
Shennongjia Natural
Reserve. It joins the
Yangtze at Xirangkou in
Hubei's Badong County...
The Three Gorges Dam is a
hydroelectric river dam that
spans the Yangtze River in
Sandouping, which is located
near the mouth of the lowest of
the Three Gorges, where the
current was divided in two by
an island..
Xiling Gorge is a gorge on
the Yangtze River. It
stretches from Xiang Xi to Yi
Chang and is the largest
and furthest downstream of
the Three Gorges..

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