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Zhangjiajie tourist attractions
Zhangjiajie is located in
the northwest of Hunan
province, about 400
kilometers away from
Changsha, capital of
Hunan, covering a total
area of 9,563 square
kilometers with 76%
Fenghuang, meaning Phoenix
in Chinese, is a small town in
central China's Hunan
Province. It is a famous
historic and cultural city....

Furong Town is originally
named Wangcun. It is an
ancient town where Tujia
Minority people live together
. Until now, in the town,
pavement laid with black
flagstones and ancient
domestic house are well
The Huangsiqiao Ancient
, located at Alaying
town and 30 kilometers
west of Fenghuang
Ancient City, was originally
known as Weiyang City
and was founded in
687AD during the Tang
Dynasty. .
A glimpse of the Mengdonghe
, an important minor
tributary of the Youshui river,
giving access deep into Tujia
territory. Nowadays the river is
a major tourist attraction...

Great Wall, one of the World
Culture Heritage sites in
China and the
representative architecture
of China, is wildly known to
be built for separating the
central China from the north
ethnic minorities...
Tianzi Mountain is located
in Zhangjiajie in the
Hunan Province of China,
Except a layer of
limestone and a few
areolate stones at the
peak, some hundred
meters above sea level...

With an area of over 5
hectares, Tujia Folk Custom
is a large-scale
cultural tourist attraction, which
is mainly built to demonstrate
Tujia people's folk custom in
various aspects such as
architecture, food, agriculture...
Tuojiang River is one of the
branches of Wushui River.
Originating from Nanshan
Gorge of Dusha, Kuhe. It is
131 kilometers in length,
among which 96.9
kilometers is in Fenghuang

Yellow Dragon Cave was
discovered by local
villagers in 1983 and
opened to tourists in
1984. Some tourists
thought of the cave as the
most beautiful in China...
Dehang, meaning
"beautiful valley" in Miao
language, is situated 24
kilometers in the west
suburbs from Jishou city,
capital of Tujia and Miao
Autonomous Prefecture in
Tianmen Mountain,
meaning a door to the
heaven, located only 8
kilometers from the
downtown, is one of the
most representative natural
sceneries of Zhangjiajie...

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