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Zhongdian tourist attractions
Bitahai Lake is regarded
as a pearl of the Plateau,
the most charming view is
the tower-like hill and this
clear, peaceful water...

Dukezong is situated at an
altitude of 3,200m above sea
level, and is 700km from
Kunming. It carries almost
everything Tibetan you can
think of...
The Napahai Nature
, at an altitude of
3,266 meters above sea
level, is located 8
kilometers northwest of the
county seat of Zhongdian...
Located at the northeast
of the city of Shangri-la
with a very convenient
transportation. Shudu
is 43km from the city
and it is more then 10
kilometers away from the
Bitahai Lake...
Located at the foot of Mt.
Foping, four kilometers north
of Zhongdian County,
Songzanlin Lamasery was first
built here in 1679 and has
been rebuilt many times...
White Water (Baishui)
lies snugly on a
mountain slope 2,380
meters above sea level in
Baidi Village, Sanba

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